Cell House

Interactive installation for kids

Immersive microbial world based on a scientific understanding of the human immune system


The microbial is an “invisible” world and is, indeed, the foundation of life.

For a child who is energetic and curious, the microbial world is not only invisible and intangible, but also unclear. Thus, we wondered how we could show this mysterious world to children? How could we explain what cells, bacteria, and viruses are doing in the human body?

Children learn through hands-on experiences. Through action and exploration, they build their knowledge framework. Therefore, we wanted to let children join the “cell defense army,” to resist viral invasion and participate in a collaborative process of maintaining human health through an immersive interactive experience. Through gamification, our goal was to help children acquire an intuitive concept of how the body’s immune system works by acting like cells.


Identify characters with headgear, cast certain tracking images, and, through specific actions and collaborations with other kids, they can play in the cell house


Production process

First phase: screen interaction

Disadvantages: limited space capacity, limited range of motion for children

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