Yuqian Sun

Yuqian Sun. Artist, Interaction designer. Graduated from Academy of Arts&Design, Tsinghua University. Now studying Computational Arts MFA in Goldsmiths, University of London.

With media art under technology-affected scenarios, I want to help people discover beauty in what they so often take for granted – to show them the stars and poetics behind the boring dilemmas of contemporary life.

To me, the use of technology helps extending sensation and perception. Two keywords “Digital-intimacy“ and “Microcosmos” grew throughout most of my research and works.

For “Digital intimacy”, influenced by actor-network theory, I always question if it’s possible to raise intimate relationships or empathy between human and non-human existence.  In my works, the digital agent can not only be woven into the social network but also become the reflection of ourselves and surroundings like a mirror. 

The other keyword is “Microcosmos”. I’ve always obsessed with the scale contrast between humans and the universe, regarding the star as the metaphor of life. To me, each life is a microcosm: and humanity and life become more significant in the grand scheme of matters. I use art practice to explore the relationship, the connections, and the cycles between life and stars above us.

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